PRAYING IN SPIRIT: We perceive and experience our physical world using our brain and five senses. But we also have a spirit. This immortal and nonphysical part of us is the essence of who we are. It is through our spirit (soul, mind) that we are able to share intimate thoughts, feelings, concerns, and our needs with the Spirit of God.  (John 4:24)

GOD "SPEAKS" TO US: God reaches out to His creation in many ways. Through the Bible, God reveals His nature and power, His plan for our life, what He expects of us, and what in return we can expect from Him. God also gave us a conscience, an inner feeling or voice, that guides us in the rightness or wrongness of our behavior. He also sends messages to us through other born-again Christians. And through godly preachers like John MacArthur, we are immersed in verse by verse Bible teaching that we may better understand His Word. (www.gty.org) 

BE PREPARED:  Always approach God with reverence, humility, and a clear conscience. When you sincerely believe in and accept Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as your Lord and Savior, and turn away from sin in your life, God invites you to come boldly before Him for all your needs. (Unbelievers may also approach God with requests, but He is not obligated to respond to them.)

START WITH THANKS AND PRAISE: "Father, I give thanks for the precious freedom and privilege to be able to come before you at any time for any reason. As the Creator of the universe and all living things, you are all powerful and all knowing. Thank you for sending your Son, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world who gives me eternal life when I believe in Him. And thank you for those special gifts entrusted to me, and for the power of the Holy Spirit in my life, that I may accomplish the goals you instill in my mind."

PRAYER REQUESTS: Your requests/petitions may be for yourself or for the needs of others. Focus on requests that God would like to provide that His divine purposes may be accomplished. I think of requests as fitting into two categories. 1) Those related to life in the body are for temporal needs and desires. 2) Petitions related to life in the spirit are for matters of salvation and serving God.

While we can ask for anything, God is not a genie that automatically grants wishes when summoned. And He is not honored when we ask for things to satisfy selfish ambitions or worldly pleasures. Never try to negotiate with God on what you will do for Him if He gives you what you want. Your personal goal is to give glory to God, as a faithful and obedient servant.

GOD'S TIMING: Don't be discouraged if God's answer does not come quickly. God may be working through other people or circumstances to set up the conditions for answering your prayer. Just keep praying and have an open mind to whatever participating role God may instill in your mind. And be alert for an unexpected response that may take you by surprise.

SHORT PRAYERS: Prayers do not have to be long or wordy. God enjoys hearing short prayers throughout your day.

"Thank you Lord for this beautiful day."
"Father, please keep me safe in my travels today."
"Lord, open the mind of my brother to your truth of eternal life."
"You are an amazing God!"

END WITH THANKS AND PRAISE: "Father God, I give thanks and praise for all you do in the lives of your faithful servants around the world - that your kingdom may flourish - in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."
Essence Of Prayer